Anti-Chafing Sports Salve

A physician formulated homeopathic Anti-Chafing Sports Salve will protect you from chafing due to all of your outdoor activities. Whether you are training for a marathon and need to protect your skin, or you are building a house and landscaping a yard – Our sports salve will protect your skin from rashing and get rid of embarrassing fungus that develops and spreads due to chafing.  2 oz.


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Product Description

Active Ingredients: Dandelion Leaf 8.8% (pain), Honeysuckle 4.4% (redness, anti-itch, rash, pain), Mugwort 3% (pain)

Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, Bai Shao, Chaparral, Damiana, Dang Gui Wei, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Gan Jiang, Gou Qi Zi, Hong Hua, Hai Tong Pi, Jing Jie, Ku Shen, Lavender, Lemongrass, Long Dan Cao, Tao Ren, Rou Gui, Ru Xiang, White Sage Leaf

Uses: For temporary protection from rash formation due to chafing; for the temporary relief of itching and rash due to fungus infection caused by chafing. 

Directions: Apply to vulnerable to chafing areas before sports training and outdoor activity (inner arms, inner thighs, genetalia, nipples, armpits). If fungus appears due to chafing, massage salve into area 3 x daily until itch, rash and skin discoloration disappear.

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