Our Supplier’s Commitment to Responsible Palm Oil Production

Our Supplier is committed to responsible palm oil production and understands the need to respect and protect environmentally sensitive areas while continuing to meet growing global demand for agricultural products.

Our Supplier does not and will not knowingly source or purchase palm oil from illegally cleared land or palm oil that does not comply with local laws and regulations.

Our Supplier’s Palm Oil Transactions

Much of the palm oil Our Supplier sources come from the major palm oil producing countries, which include Malaysia and Indonesia.According to the USDA, of the 140 million tons of vegetable oil produced worldwide in 2009, palm oil accounted for one-third, of which 5 percent was certified by the RSPOas sustainable. Because palm oil and palm oil derivatives may be sold and traded many times before they reach processors, full transparency within the marketplace is difficult. In the case of direct transactions, while the identity of the direct seller is known at the time of purchase, the identity of the parties preceding our seller is not disclosed. Therefore we may indirectly receive palm oil from sources that are not known to us. Our Supplier does not disclose confidential supplier or
customer-related information to third parties.

Our Supplier’ Commitment to Meeting Customer Needs

For customers who want to source a palm oil from certified sustainable sources, Our Supplier can currently provide RSPO-certified palm oil under the Book and Claim system, which utilizes the online GreenPalm certificate system.As an active member of the RSPO, Our Supplier can also offer certified sustainable palm through the Mass Balance system.The Mass Balance system administratively monitors the trade of RSPO-certified palm oil and its derivatives throughout the entire supply chain.

The Alchemist Collection’s Supplier supports a proactive approach to resolving issues in accordance with the RSPOCode of Conduct, in order to ensure that the world’s palm oil is produced in a legal, economically viable, environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial manner. Palm oil, incredibly rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E is one of the main base oils in The Alchemist Collection handmade bath bars. It contributes to the long lasting, hard bar allowing for a rich, creamy lather. There are serious concerns about Palm Oil farming in Malaysia, which we take very seriously, and the impact it has on the land, the people and the animal species.

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