National Board Certified Herbalists

The Alchemist Collection products are formulated by National Board Certified Oriental Medical Physicians (NCCAOM) who have been trained by one of the strongest clinical herbal programs in the world.

“Clinically trained herbalists maintain a keen eye in purchasing and importing quality herbs and have been extensively educated on the best storage practices for longevity and potency and proper methods of preparations for infusions.”

They are knowledgeable in the ancient uses of hundreds of herbs and how to formulate them for modern conditions while diving into current scientific research documenting their therapeutic effectiveness and safety in order to anticipate potential side effects and drug interactions. (ancient formulas).

“Advanced clinical training allows our herbalists to be well versed in the energetics of each herb and how those energetics affect specific systems in the human body allowing for every product formulation to be designed for a person as a whole being, rather than a single condition.”

Whether formulating for first aid purposes, environmental impact or chronic conditions, our herbalist are able to develop the best application methods for any given situation (salve, balm, extract).

Through extensive training in ancient methods of herbalism, ancient formulas and Chinese medical theories, The Alchemist Collection is able to integrate the highly effective methods of herbal medicine with systemized clinical approaches of modern day medicine to bring exceptional, effective and safe products into the everyday lives of people.