The Alchemist Collection is dedicated to manufacturing products that work, with ingredients that are safe, responsible and friendly to the environment.

The Alchemist Collection is an FDA-registered manufacturer of all-natural, homeopathic, botanical products informed by traditional Chinese medical practices and ancient formulations. Our manufacturing facility is located in Tavernier, Florida.

Our commitments


All herbs are tested for microbes, heavy metals (such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium), as well as for over 60 pesticide residues, including DDT and BHC. Our finished products are further batch tested before hitting the shelves.


Every product has been formulated by national board certified Oriental Medical Physicians expertly trained in the identification and sustainability of hundreds of herbs, and ancient formulas.


Our manufacturing facility and our products are registered with the FDA. Every stage of our production is recorded and calibrated; our end-line production is automated to ensure consistency with every product.